The St. Louis Group undertakes discussion and activities to further the mission of social work research and the application of that research to social change. The St. Louis Group meets on an annual basis and works to strengthen the role of social work research.


The St. Louis Group was founded in June 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri, by a group of 29 deans and directors representing schools of social work with the largest research portfolios. The founders agreed to establish an organization with the objectives of:

1. Advancing the excellence and interests of social work education nationally and internationally in the context of the research mission of the profession;


2. Representing the research-related interests of social work deans, directors, and chairs to other constituents and organizations as needed to facilitate communication and progress in research; and


3. Providing a forum for deans, directors, and chairs to discuss problems and opportunities for the advancement of social work research


The founders agreed to solicit membership funds to advance the purposes of the St. Louis Group and engage in activities of interest to deans, directors, and chairs of social work programs in the furtherance of social work research by carrying out the purpose of organization and accomplishing “the ends for which the St. Louis Group [was] formed.”

Planning for the organization is undertaken by a Steering Committee elected by the membership. Dues are paid on an as needed basis.

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